Get Simpocalypse

Simpocalypse is a cross-platform application, and the STEM Explorer team officially supports running it on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users of ChromeOS devices can't run desktop applications like Simpocalypse, but they can access the same application running on our servers, using CloudTk. Downloads are available for:

If you have technical issues with the simulation, or if you think your computer isn't supported by any of the downloads above, please contact us for help. The STEM Explorer team wants to make sure you have a good experience with Simpocalypse.

Please note: Since the STEM Explorer programming team is not an "identified" developer for Apple or Microsoft, and the Simpocalypse downloads don't have digital signatures, you may have to give your computer permission to open the downloaded version of Simpocalypse by adjusting your computer's settings. We plan to attach digital signatures to the Simpocalypse downloads in the future, which will eventually make these procedures unnecessary.

For macOS:

For Windows: