Deep Dive Projects

While Simpocalypse is designed to be an open-ended tool which you can use however you want, the STEM Explorer team has designed several standards-based, long-form learning projects using the Simpocalypse application. For more information about these and other long-form learning projects from the STEM Explorer, visit the Delta STEM Explorer website.

High School Statistics
HS Statistics project slideshow
Designed to meet most of the Core Standards pertaining to high school statistics, this project has students use statistical tools like plots and curve-fitting to analyze data produced by a Simpocalypse model.
High School Biology/Engineering
HS Biology project slideshow
This project tasks students with using Simpocalypse to propose and test mitigation strategies for COVID-19, covering Michigan's HS-ETS1 group of science standards and a lot of biology fundamentals.
Middle School Science
MS Science project slideshow
In this project, students will use their creativity to invent a new, fictional disease, craft a narrative around it, and use Simpocalypse to both model their new disease and propose and test mitigation strategies. This project covers Michigan's MS-ETS group of standards, its CTE standard for computer modelling, and several Core ELA standards pertaining to scientific and technical literacy.