Simpocalypse 1.1.0 released

Peter Piwowarski
Published , updated

Version 1.1.0 is out today! Some highlights:

  • You can now create basic vaccines, with control over the vaccination rate and the effectiveness of the vaccine itself, and introduce the vaccine at any point before or during a simulation.
  • It is now possible to save and restore diseases: snapshots of the parameters that control the disease's properties. The files this creates are small, simple plain text files that can easily be shared via email attachments or other means.
  • Several of the parameter sliders have a wider range, and are a little easier to use, thanks to using a logarithmic scale instead of a linear one.
  • The UI layout has been further improved, especially on Macs and for smaller screens.
  • Many other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

We're still hard at work adding new functionality to the simulation and looking for bugs to squash. Check back here for further updates!