Simpocalypse 2.1 released

Peter Piwowarski

We've just released Simpocalypse 2.1 today. This is another feature release, containing some exciting new functionality we wanted to get into your hands as quickly as possible, as well as the usual collection of quiet bugfixes. The highlights, below the fold:

  • It is now possible to save and load all of a simulation's history, if you want, instead of just the parameters. Simpocalypse has supported saving all of its simulation data as a SQLite database since version 1.0, but before you could only use this with software like SQLiteBrowser or the SQLite command-line shell to analyze your data after the fact, mostly the same kind of stuff you can do with the CSV export files. Now, Simpocalypse can load these same database files back up again, so you can time-travel through the history and see exactly what happened when. This will only work with databases saved in Simpocalypse 2.1, however; you can't load old databases into Simpocalypse 2.1. (If you have one you really want to load, get in touch with Peter; we might be able to work something out.)

  • Simpocalypse also remembers any changes you make to the parameters now; when you change a parameter after the simulation has started, you'll see a vertical line on the graph, and when you time travel over that spot you'll be able to see the sliders move. You can also time travel by clicking and dragging on the graph, which we think is sometimes more handy than using a separate slider.

  • You can now select whether everyone wears masks, or only sick people, just like for quarantines.

  • Previously, we had been unable to test Simpocalypse on versions of macOS between 10.11 and 10.15, and weren't really sure if it worked on them. It turns out that it didn't, but we've been able to fix things so that Simpocalypse really does run (so far as we're aware) on every Mac operating system from Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" all the way through to macOS 10.15 "Catalina". As always, we welcome test reports.

We're not aware of any outstanding bugs this time, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. If you have any problems, please get in touch with us.